全球网络赌博平台提供优质服务, transformational educational opportunities to prepare students for today’s career fields or transfer to a university. The College is committed to student success, 拥有专业的师资, academic support and student services.

Jackson  College was founded as Jackson Junior College in 1928 and operated as a division of the Jackson Union School District. In 1962, Jackson County voters created Jackson Community College as a distinct entity; and in 1964, they passed a charter millage that still helps to fund the College today. Rapid enrollment and program growth in the 1960s spurred construction of a new campus on its present site. 2013年6月, in light of the College’s decision to begin development of curriculum for two bachelor degree programs and increased efforts in international studies, the 校董会 voted to change the name to 杰克逊的大学.

今天, the College owns more than 500 acres and sits on a scenic rural site six miles south of the city of Jackson, and also operates 杰克逊的大学 @ LISD TECH in Adrian and the Clyde E. 希尔斯代尔的莱特中心.


  • renovated James McDivitt Hall and Victor Cuiss Fieldhouse;
  • added a state-of-the-art information technology and library building, William Atkinson Hall;
  • built three student housing residence halls
  • renovated Justin Whiting Hall and added the Rawal Center for Health Professions;
  • constructed a new Health Laboratory Center featuring laboratory and classroom spaces; and
  • 翻修的伯特·沃克大厅

An integral educational and economic force in the Jackson, Lenawee和Hillsdale社区, the College operates on general fund budget of about $45 million. Each year, more than 7,500 students enroll at JC. 关于 43 percent take classes on the 中央校区; 11 percent at Jc @ lisd tech, 7%在莱特中心, 20%在线, about 4 percent at locations around Jackson County, and 4 percent in the 杰克逊的大学 Corrections Education Program. Among 杰克逊的大学’s total student population:

  • 41 percent of students attend full-time, 59 percent part-time;
  • 58 percent of students are females, 42 percent males;
  • 63 percent of students are under the age of 24, and
  • Minority enrollment is at 16 percent.

杰克逊的大学 has 74 full-time faculty, 133 full-time staff and administrators and 361 part-time personnel.

杰克逊的大学 is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org), a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. 教育部. 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604-1411. 电话:(800)621-7440.